Sometimes we just truly make a difference in a person’s life:

A couple of years ago we had an inpatient who had a brainstem stroke.  Amaliya and I were called in to set up a communication system.  We tried an eye gaze, which the patient did not like at all, although the family was sure this was going to be the answer.  We tried a partner assisted scan which was not working very well.  I remembered that you had once showed me the Megabee and figured I would give that a try.  Turns out, that was the right device for this guy.

He now comes to Spaulding outpatient for therapy every once in a while.  Every time I see his wife in the waiting room she thanks me again for introducing them to the Megabee because it has changed his life.  At the time he left inpatient he was pretty slow with it, but liked it.  Now he is a whiz and uses it as his primary means of communication.  He has a Dynovox that he now has enough head control to use a head mouse with.  He uses it for email and music, but not for the communication part of the software because the Megabee is so much better.

So, since I get thanked each time I see his wife, I think I should pass on the thank you as I would not have thought of the Megabee if you hadn’t introduced it to me.

Thank You!


Upon using a Tech/Touch here’s what Julie said:

“From the first encounter with Bill Maher and Tech Touch, my life was expanded by the independence it brought to my every day life. As an ALS patient (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease), I was faced with immobility of my arms and legs as well as the increased loss of discernible speech. Bill’s outstanding service covered everything from accommodating my personal need for an alphabetical keyboard to overseeing the occasional repairs needed. The Tech Touch system presented me with the opportunity to maintain an ongoing exchange with the world around me. This technology and its easy use encouraged my development of an eline for my poetry about ALS. To be candid I feel lost without my use of Tech Touch and the security of Bill Maher’s excellent service.”

– Julie Zale, Huntington Station, NY – ALS

After loaning a Tech/Talk device this is what one of our customers had to say:

“The 4-week trial with my client was quite successful. While we determined that this multiply involved little girl is not quite ready for such a device, it is more because of her complex motor planning and motor coordination needs – complicated by visual distractibility in natural environments – not primarily because of her receptive or expressive language skills and needs.

I consider a successful trial to be one that results in our knowing enough about a child to develop a short and long-term plan that systematically addresses her needs, which is what having the Tech/Talk allowed us to do!

Thank you very, very much.”

-Richard Lytton, M.A., CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

Upon buying and using our iAdapter this is what our customers said about it:

“Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the AMDi 1st generation iPad case. It’s so durable…Love the handle & strap…and I finally found the on/off switch, so that’s a wonderful plus! I wasn’t sure how I felt about the detached stand at first, but it seems to hold the iPad in two different orientations, a definite plus, which other stands do not…So I think that trumps the fact that it is detached.”

-Maggie Morales, Teacher for Students with Orthopedic and Other Health Impairments (OI/OHI)

“Patty, one of the SLPs I work with, and I took the iPad in the iAdapter out to lunch to see if we could understand each other over ambient noise (a little field testing). When the restaurant was still kind of busy, but not swamped, we could hear each time a reply or question was made. We could understand more than half of what was said, especially when context was set. Without the iAdapter, we were able to hear and understand absolutely nothing. Thought you’d be interested in what a couple of therapists do for entertainment.

I hadn’t realized how “bad” the regular speakers were in the iPad for use in public settings, but since we are starting to request the iPad as a communication device, we wanted to try it. The sound is so much better on the iPad than on the iPod touch that I figured it would be okay with no external amplification. The first few iPad Communicator bundles we requested were in the other company’s cases for protection only, but now that we’ve tried the iPad + iAdapter combo out in the world, so to speak, we will never request another iPad without the iAdapter.”

-Laurel Richardson, MAEd, OTR/L, Assistive Technology Specialist

I am a board-certified music therapist. I work for a public school district in Michigan. Therapists in our district serve students on the autism spectrum as well as those with cognitive impairment, severe multiple impairment (SXI), and early childhood developmental delays. I also have a private practice, and I currently see one student with Down syndrome.

Today I used the iPad and the AMDi iAdapter in one of my SXI classes. Using the app “Yes/No”, I had students making a choice between two options to tell me about their winter break and their instrument choice in a music context. One of my staff held the iAdapter for each student to use while I played the choice making song on a guitar.

I was also able to present various iPod choices on the iPad to a student who is building his own music “library” for leisure time use. While he laid on a bean bag chair, I could play a portion of a song with the iAdapter on his stomach. Then I used the “Yes/No” app to ask him if he liked the song. It was awesome! I am so glad that I got the iPad and the iAdapter. It is very useful in my work. Thank you for your work to make iPads accessible to all.

-Tracy Flanders, MT-BC