Company Overview

AMDi is a US based company with its headquarters in Farmingdale, NY. Our focus is on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality and easy-to-use speech generating devices for special needs customers in both private and public sector. AMDi’s success lies in its commitment to its customers. We have over 35 years of experience among the technical staff. Our products are distributed within the U.S. and worldwide. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship, 100% guaranteed factory testing, and competitive pricing on all of our products.  Our reputation is built on highly reliable products at competitive prices has secured its position in the augmentative and alternative communication industry worldwide for cost-effective quality without compromise.

AMDi Commitment

AMDi’s concern for quality and reliability begins with the design and continues throughout the manufacturing process to create devices that meet customer needs while providing an extended product life. Product designs are evaluated on an ongoing basis to incorporate the latest technology to further enhance its products. AMDi’s commitment to its customers exists in its efforts in striving to achieve maximum satisfaction. AMDi will do everything in its abilities to fulfill any needs of its customers. AMDi listens to its customers and strives to produce products to target their needs. AMDi aims to make its products as easy and user-friendly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, AMDi is constantly asking its customers what more can be done to make its products even better. AMDi aims to serve the community to the best of its abilities.

AMDi Mission

AMDi’s mission exists in establishing and maintaining customer loyalty by sustaining quality products, constantly introducing new and innovative products, providing first-rate customer service and remaining dedicated to the assistive technology industry.