AMDi Overlay Designer 2016  

AMDi’s Overlay Designer 2016 is the perfect utility software for creating symbol based and visual scene communication displays.  Newly updated, the software now includes all of our communication devices.  System’s like the popular Tech/Speak and Tech/Talk are part of the template choices.  We’ve also included the newer 16 cell systems like the Smart/Chat.  You can create customized communication boards, program the Smart Series memory flash*, print and archive your sound files directly from your PC. Overlay Designer 2016 is ideal for creating interactive communication displays for AAC users. (*Flash Memory programming module required to transfer from PC to Flash Memory Card – Sold seperately)

Full Instructions on downloading and Installation of Overlay Designer 2016

Download Link: AMDi Overlay Designer 2016

Video: How to Guide for Overlay Designer Ver.2 – (this video was done with our older OD Pro Ver.2 software, but much of it is still good as a demonstration of how to use our software)

AMDi Overlay Designer 2016 comes with TechSyms Symbols designed by us.

Click here for the AMDi Overlay Designer 2016 Manual (PDF File)

Overlay Templates For Boardmaker

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Activity Exchange by AMDi

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Product Maunals

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