Instructional Videos

AMDi has a large collection of instructional videos. Please visit the AMDi Info Channelon YouTube to see everything that’s available including these topics and more:

AMDi Software
Overlay Designer Pro Version 2: How-to Guide

AMDi AAC Guide
AAC Guide Informational Video

iAdapter™ Playlist
How to adjust the sound level through your iPad®
iAdapter™ 1 Installation of iPad®
iAdapter™ 1 Operating Instructions
iAdapter™ 2, 3 & 4 Installation of iPad®
iAdapter™ 2, 3 & 4 Operating Instructions

Tech/Plus Series Playlist
Tech/Plus: Features
Tech/Plus: Record & Playback
Tech/Plus: Battery Installation

Smart/Series Playlist
Smart/Series: Features
Smart/128: Master Erase Procedure
Smart/Series: Flash Memory card removal and installation
Smart/128: Single Message Record and Playback
Smart/Talk & Smart/Speak: Master Erase
Smart/128: Manual Grouping Procedure
Smart/Talk & Smart/Speak: Record and Playback
Smart/128: Group Message – Record and Playback

Tech/Series Playlist
Features of our Tech/Series Devices
Record and Playback
Proper battery Installation
Tech/Talk: Input & Output Jacks optional feature

Partner/Plus Series Playlist
Partner/Plus: Features
Partner/Plus Stepper: Features
PartnerPlus: Battery Installation
Partner/Plus Stepper: Battery Installation
Partner/Plus: Record and Playback
Partner/Plus Stepper: Record & Playback
Partner/Plus: Input & Output Jacks
Partner/Plus Stepper: Input & Output Jacks
Partner/Plus Four: Features
Partner/Plus Four: Record & Playback
Partner/Plus Four: Battery Installation
Partner/Plus Four: Input & Output Jacks

Proximity Sensors and Modules Playlist
Reflective Beam Proximity Sensor
Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor
Adjustable Proximity Sensor
Flat Mini Beam Proximity Sensor
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
Ultra Thin Proximity Sensor
Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor
Fiber-Optic Eye Blink Sensor
Piezo Switch Sensor
Power Control Module PCM-1 Model
Power Control Module PCM-4 Model