Tech/Touch II – Touchscreen AAC Device


Tech/Touch II is a Touchscreen AAC Device with Screens that Mimic Classic AAC Devices. Its a great “next step” for AAC users who are ready to graduate from lite-devices like our Let’s/Speak and Tech/Touch AAC devices — but not yet ready for complicated, dynamic AAC apps. Simply turn Tech/Touch II on and our proprietary AAC program is ready for use. The overlay screens are simple by design to accommodate AAC users on their path to better communication. A magnetic keyguard (included) holds tight when in use, but is easy to remove when not necessary or during setup by caretakers, teachers or SLPs.

Ditch the Paper and  Step Up to the Tech/Touch II — Simple by Design! 

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The Tech-Touch II is the cooler, smarter big brother to our popular (and proven) Tech/Talk, Tech/Chat and Tech/Plus AAC Devices.  The Tech/Touch II has  been designed to feel a lot like a lite-tech AAC device, but with touchscreen capabilities — and no paper overlays!

The perfect “Next-Step” for budding communicators not yet ready for complex AAC apps and devices.

  • Simple, static screens mimic paper overlays (images don’t link to other screens).
  • All-in-one design includes device and specialized housing.
  • Easy-to-use AAC program makes it easy for caregivers to customize screens.
  • Images are selectable from device, web or the built-in camera.
  • Magnetic keyguard holds securely but can be removed in a snap.
  • Built-in kickstand and handle
  • Keyguard, adjustable messenger/shoulder strap and USB charger included.


  • 8 message cells
  • 10 seconds of recording time
  • 12 levels of recording
  • Charges via USB Cable (included)

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