Partner/Plus Stepper – AAC Device


A single-message augmentative communication device that interlocks with other Partner/Plus’s to create a multi-message communicator. Start with a single message communicator and add on as skills are acquired. An elevated platform and slot for objects or picture cards makes the Partner/Plus a great tool for teaching object discrimination. The Partner/Plus system also contains mounting holes on bottom for hanging on walls.

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The Partner/Plus Stepper has a stepping feature that enables the user to record and playback a sequence of messages of up to 60 seconds of recording time. The Partner/Plus Stepper can be interlocked with other Partner/Plus Steppers or Partner/Plus’s to build your own Multi-Message device.

Distinctive Features:

  • Play a sequence of messages.
  • Real-Voice high quality audio reproduction
  • Light-weight and portable
  • One output jack for external connection
  • One input jack for switch access
  • Light touch panel switch, accessible from any angle


  • Record and playback multiple messages
  • Standard total message length of 60 sec.
  • Picture square size is 3.5 inches
  • Dimensions: L 5 1/2″ x D 6 3/4″ x H 2″
  • Weight:  1lb.

Instruction Manual and Software:
Partner/Plus Stepper Version 1 & 2 Instructions

Product Code: PPLUS-1S

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