Around Town & On The Go

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AAC Overlay for Common Scenarios

When it’s time to hit the town, this set is a must.  Originally created for students to use during community based outings, this set can be easily modified for use by all ages.  Use it to complete task oriented assignments, such as locating items on a list or to target appropriate self-help skills, such as providing and identifying information and …

Fun With Math – 1st Grade

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AAC Overlay for Math Class

Focusing on counting, number word identification, money, simple computations, and telling time, Fun with Math targets first grade expected educational targets in a fun and interactive way.  Velcro, sort, and write directly on the overlays to make the overlays interactive, fun, and memorable math lessons. Printable File(s): Fun with Math 1st Grade 32 L1 NB Fun with Math 1st Grade …

Fun With Science 1st Grade

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AAC Activity for 1st Grade Science

Providing communication and education in science. Fun with science encourages students to describe observations, collect data, sort, identify states of matter, and describe differences in living things.  This activity provides much needed vocabulary to participate during science class or learn science skills using the supplemental C.D. Printable File(s): Fun with Science 1st Grade 32 L1 NB Fun with Science 1st …