Early Learning Language

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This smart activity was created for use by primary school aged children.  Promoting improved language skills through the provision of appropriate vocabulary and more.  This activity allows students to comment and participate in various daily classroom activities, including table work, art, “carpet time”, and calendar.  It also includes vocabulary and visual scenes of many commonly used centers, including dramatic play/ …

Let’s Talk School

Abigail Daugherty Bathroom/Hygiene, Books/Literacy, Feelings, Food/Mealtime, School, Social Skills Leave a Comment

Let”s Talk School:  includes communication page sets that  provide students with relevant vocabulary to participate in classroom activities throughout the day.  Topics include Physical Education, survival signs, reading, math, and personal information (address, phone number, etc.) Printable File(s): SC-counting SC-main XAF-SC8 School Messgae Map