Zoo8 Mike Helps At The Zoo

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In Smart Lessons: Unit activities to promote participation, communication, and progress in AAC use. These units have been created specifically to correlate to milestones in language acquisition, reading readiness, augmentative alternative communication use continuum, and much more. This Smart Lesson has everything needed to conduct therapy and academic sessions for beginning and/or younger users. They are created to address one …

Let’s Talk School

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Lets Talk: School includes communication page sets that provide students with relevant vocabulary to participate in classroom activities throughout the day.  Printable File(s): SC-counting SC-main SC-signs SC-snack SC-story XAF-SC8 About Me L1 XAF-SC8 Math L2 XAF-SC8 PE L3 XAF-SC8 Reading L4

Fun With Social Studies 1st Grade 8

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Fun with Social Studies First Grade addresses the major content standards for first grade.  This activity provides communication and practice in geography, civics, history and more.  Weather using the overlays to participate in social studies class or while using the supplemental C.D. for extra reinforcement student are sure to enjoy communicating and learning in this fun interactive way.     Printable …

Fun With Science 1st Grade 8

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Providing communication and education in science, Fun with Science encourages students to describe obersvations, collect data, sort, identify states of matter, and describe differences in living things.  This activity provides much needed vocabulary to participate during science class or learn science skills using the supplemental C.D. Printable File(s): Fun with Science 1st Grade 8 L1 NB Fun with Science 1st …

Fun With Writing 1st Grade 8

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The inspiration your young writer needs to orally create sentences and short stores, Fun with Writing Fist Grade provides individuals with vocabulary, sentence starters and story starters.  Taken from the Natioanl Content Standards for First Grade writing this activity provides exposure to sentence sturcture including punctuation and simple sentence construction. Printable File(s): Fun with Writing 1st Grade 8 L1 NB …

Fun With Reading 1st Grade 8

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Encouraging vocabulary building, phonemic awarness and letter-sound correspondence while learning and identifiy important parts of books and stories is the focus of this activity.  Taken from the national content standards for first grade, Fun with Reading targets important academic reading goals in a fun and interactive way.  Printable File(s): Fun with Reading 1st Grade 8 L1 NB Fun with Reading …

Fun With Math 1st Grade 8

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Focusing on counting, number word identification, money, simple computations and telling time Fun with Math targets first grade expected educational targets in a fun and interactive way.  Velcro, sort, and write directly on the overlays to make the overlays interactive, fun and memberal math lessons. Printable File(s): Fun with Math 1st Grade 8 L3 NB Fun with Math 1st Grade …

Let’s Talk Early Learning

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  Created for students in early learning environments, Lets Talk Centers includes computer, block, and reading center pages along with other common centers. This page set provides a combination of core and fringe vocabulary to enhance and promote language learning.  Printable File(s): EL-art EL-books EL-computer EL-dramatic-play EL-main EL-play

Lets Talk Circle Time

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   Created for children in an early learning environment, this page set is full of fun communication interactions. Activities include identifying shapes, colors, and commenting about stories. The page set also allows students to join in an sign their favorite songs during song time as well as talk about the weather and appropriate clothing for the day. Printable File(s): CT-calendar …

Communicate On The Run

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Simple modification DYNAMIC results! Through simple modification and design this activity page set not only allows you to participate in everyday conversations, but also in actions and activities as they happen! With the simple addition of a “White Board” space, communication partners can easily add simple vocabulary through doodles or quick illustrations that allow users to comment on whatever occurs. …