Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Videos are YouTube streaming format and show up as a single video player with "Playlist" enabled. To view all the videos available, click on playlist at the top LEFT of the video player, or during the video playback, click on the playlist icon to the left of the Closed Caption (CC) emblem.  You may also go to our YouTube site directly here:  AMDi Info Channel

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AMDi Software: AMDi AAC Guide:
Overlay Designer Pro Version 2: How-to Guide AAC Guide Informational Video
iAdapter™ Playlist:
How to adjust the sound level through your iPad® iAdapter™ 1 Installation of iPad®
iAdapter™ 2, 3 & 4 Installation of iPad® iAdapter™ 1 Operating Instructions
iAdapter™ 2, 3 & 4 Operating Instructions  
Tech/Plus Series Playlist:
Tech/Plus: Features Tech/Plus: Record & Playback
Tech/Plus: Battery Installation  
Smart/Series Playlist:
Smart/Series: Features Smart/128: Master Erase Procedure
Smart/Series: Flash Memory card removal and installation Smart/128: Single Message Record and Playback
Smart/Talk & Smart/Speak: Master Erase Smart/128: Manual Grouping Procedure
Smart/Talk & Smart/Speak: Record and Playback Smart/128: Group Message - Record and Playback
Tech/Series Playlist:
Features of our Tech/Series Devices Record and Playback
Proper battery Installation Tech/Talk: Input & Output Jacks optional feature
Partner/Plus Series Playlist:
Partner/Plus: Features Partner/Plus Stepper: Features
PartnerPlus: Battery Installation Partner/Plus Stepper: Battery Installation
Partner/Plus: Record and Playback Partner/Plus Stepper: Record & Playback
Partner/Plus: Input & Output Jacks Partner/Plus Stepper: Input & Output Jacks
Partner/Plus Four: Features Partner/Plus Four: Record & Playback
Partner/Plus Four: Battery Installation Partner/Plus Four: Input & Output Jacks
Proximity Sensors and Modules Playlist:
Reflective Beam Proximity Sensor Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor
Adjustable Proximity Sensor Flat Mini Beam Proximity Sensor
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor Ultra Thin Proximity Sensor
Mini-Moon Proximity Sensor Fiber-Optic Eye Blink Sensor
  Piezo Switch Sensor
Power Control Module PCM-1 Model Power Control Module PCM-4 Model

Coming Soon:

•  Mechanical Switches •  Tech/Series ECU & IR Devices
•  Tech/Series Scanning Devices •  MegaBee System
•  Smart/Series Scanning Devices