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**Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery on all mounting systems**

Light-3D Mounts are the newest versatile mounting system from REHAdapt! You can simply choose one of our pre-configured solutions, which are the 1 tube, 2 tube or 3 tube mounts that feature the choice of having Allen Key or Quick Release joints for true versatility. Alternatively we can build your own personal mounting solution using the unique new Virtual Mounting Service by REHAdapt. The service is fast and free of charge. Best of all you get to see what the mount would be like before you purchase it!

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***IMPORTANT: For wheelchair or bed rail mounting please use the VMS service. Thank you!***
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1 Tube Solutions

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2 Tube Solutions

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3 Tube Solutions

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Other mounts by REHAdapt

TS-XL Table Stand
The TS-XL Table stand is made for secure and easy positioning of our communication devices on tables and desks.
TS-DC Table Stand
The TS-DC table stand is made for mounting small and medium sized communication devices on top of tables or desks.
Clamp On Table Mount (CoM)
The Clamp On Table Mount offers a longer accessibility range because of its extra tubing and joint.
TC Table Mount (Smaller Clamp Mount)
Table Camp mount made for our communication devices using the Manfrotto SuperClamp.
FS-TeleLock Floorstand Mount
The FS-TeleLock Floorstand mount is made to hold our communication devices where you may not normally have a mounting point, such as in a bed, sofa, recliner or wheelchair.