AMDi Activity Exchange

AMDi Activity Exchange

Welcome to AMDi’s Activity Exchange
An Electronic Sharing Community

Our Activity Exchange (AE) provides a forum to freely exchange activities with any person who uses our Overlay Designer Pro software. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when designing activities… just tap into the AE. Get ideas of how others are using activities in the classroom, community and at home and download these activities for FREE. We also encourage our community of users to share their activities with other users from around the world via the Upload part of the AE.

The activities are designed to be used with our Smart Series of devices but can also be used with the Tech Series (you will have to add your own sound output).

Join as an Activity Exchange Member. Since we have added uploading capability to the AE you will need to join as a member of the AE. This provides security for the AE and allows us to communicate with you regarding your submissions. We do not share or sell your email address or any other information.